Nicolas Mottart loves to travel and the discoveries he’s made from his adventures, as well as his taste for local produce, inform and inspire his French-influenced creations. The Waterloo-born chef has been at the helm of the Genval.Les.Bains restaurant since 2018. On the menu you’ll find ingredients gathered from regional producers and then prepared and cooked with passion and love.

Meet Nicolas Mottart, the creative force behind restaurant Genval.Les.Bains


Experience incredible service at Genval.Les.Bains

You could say that Nicolas Mottart fell into the world of cooking when he was young. After training at the Cardinal Mercier Institute, he developed his ideas and experience under Michelin-starred chefs who helped him to perfect his culinary skills. He joined the Genval.Les.Bains kitchen as a commis chef before taking over as head chef in 2018.



A refined and sincere French cuisine

What style of food can you expect to enjoy at restaurant Genval.Les.Bains? Delicious and authentic French gastronomy – a gourmet menu that features local, seasonal produce meticulously presented on the plate. It’s a pleasure for your eyes and your taste buds.

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